Linda A. Ouellette


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Boston Office: 617-439-4990  

Boston Fax: 617-439-3987

Linda A. Ouellette joined Lawson & Weitzen in 2015 to enlarge and enhance the Firm’s domestic relations practice in Boston with her decades of experience in the probate and family courts of Massachusetts. Her practice is devoted exclusively to family law and probate litigation, including divorce, paternity, modification, contempt, and guardianship cases. She has garnered a reputation as a formidable trial attorney with valuable courtroom skills and trial experience. Linda has tried numerous family law cases involving complex financial issues, including valuation of closely held corporations as well as highly contested custody and removal cases. Linda’s practice also includes probate litigation, such as will contest and trust rescission cases.


88 Black Falcon Avenue, Suite 345, Boston, MA 02210


6 Granite State Court Brewster, MA 02631