Real Estate

• Affordable Housing Development and Finance
• Bank Conveyancing, and Residential Purchases and Sales
• Commercial (Office and Retail) Leases
• Commercial and Multi-Family Acquisitions/Dispositions
• Condominium and Cooperative Housing Creation and Management
• Construction, Architectural, Brokerage and Marketing Contracts and Disputes
• Development, Zoning, Subdivisions, Land Use Approvals and Permits, and Environmental Compliance Requirements and Opinions
• Eminent Domain and Road Layout Matters
• Foreclosures
• Ground Leases
• Joint Ventures, Realty Trusts, Limited Partnerships and LLCs
• Local Counsel
• Non-Profit, Labor Organization and Municipal Real Estate Transactions
• Tax-Free Exchanges
• Title Insurance and Certifications and Resolutions of Title Defects

For More information, questions or assistance, please contact: Kenneth B. Gould, Practice Leader, Jonathan P. Ash, Darly David, Glenn P. Frank, George F. Hailer, Irving Salloway, or Richard B. Weitzen.