Valerie L. Pawson


With broad experience in the complex nuances of today’s business environment, Valerie Pawson is a tenacious, talented, and trusted business advisor. Her practice, ranging from sophisticated multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions to the daily issues faced by companies, requires her involvement in all aspects of a client's business, including purchases, sales, leasing, financing, personnel, securities offerings, licensing, import/export, and proprietary rights. As a Lawson & Weitzen attorney for over 20 years, she has been general counsel to clients in fields as diverse as agriculture, aquaculture, computers, construction, distributors, graphic arts, high-tech, law, libraries, licensing, manufacturing, marinas, medicine, movies, music, publishing, real estate development, restaurants/bars, retail, venture capital, and travel.

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          Boston Office: 617-439-4990  


88 Black Falcon Avenue, Suite 345, Boston, MA 02210


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